About the Project


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To meet the growing electrical demand in the region, Ameren Missouri proposes to build a new 345,000-volt transmission line in Cape Girardeau County between the existing Lutesville Substation located off State Highway U and the new Heritage Substation that will be located west of the City of Cape Girardeau.

The new transmission line is needed to maintain the region’s energy reliability. It is required to support the Cape Girardeau region in the event that certain transmission outages occur during peak demand conditions that could lead to the loss of service (more than 300 Megawatt load) to a significant portion of the Cape Girardeau region in 2016. Transmission lines are essential elements of the electric system that support delivery of energy and ensure reliable electric service.

The routing process involves evaluating several criteria, including residences, businesses, land use, wetlands and other natural resources, and incorporating feedback from the public. Before we build this new transmission line, we will seek input from area residents, community leaders, landowners and other stakeholders. This will be done through one-on-one meetings, community representative forums and public meetings. Following these discussions, we shall carefully consider the input we receive, along with evaluations of the natural and community environment, guiding us to the determination of a final route for the new transmission line.

The following are some key details about the project:

    The Project involves building a new 345,000-volt transmission line and a connecting 161,000-volt transmission line between Ameren Missouri’s Lutesville substation and the new Heritage substation to be located west of the City of Cape Girardeau.
    The new Heritage substation will be built to connect the 345,000-volt transmission line to existing transmission lines. The project also includes upgrading the Lutesville substation.
    The new lines will be approximately 14 miles long.
    The routing process includes balancing several criteria, including the length of line, cost, land use, natural resources, and feedback from the public.
    A typical easement width for a 345,000-volt transmission line is 150 feet and a 161,000-volt easement is 100 feet. The Project is expected to cost between $55 and $75 million.
    Ameren Missouri expects to have the new transmission line in service by December 2015.
    The Project will bring important construction jobs and associated revenue to the region.

Ameren Missouri is committed to completing this project an efficient and environmentally responsible manner. We encourage public participation with a process that emphasizes understanding and involvement.